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Accredited Courses, Learning Support Tuition and After School Programmes For Students From Across the World

A fully inclusive Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) for all students aged 4-adult across the world.
KS2, KS3 key skills in literacy and numeracy support, OFQUAL (UK) accredited vocationally focused and alternative academic pathways and courses. CEFR aligned ESL programmes including IELTS courses 
  • School Staff CPD
  • Teacher CPD
  • Courses for Parents
  • Tuition Support
  • SEND Specialists
  • EAL Specialists
  • Education Diagnostic Services
  • Online After School Programmes
  • Hobby,Holiday courses for School Age Children

Discover The Benefits Of Our Education Programs

Our UK qualified teachers have designed the most motivating learning paths for you.

  • Innovative Curriculum Delivery
  • Convenient Study from Home
  • Work and Study
  • LMS Support for Schools
  • OFQUAL (UK) Accredited Courses
  • Registered UK Education Provider
  • Certified After-School Programmes
  • Key Skills Academy: Primary and High School online tuition in Key Skills for Maths and English
    IELTS Preparation Courses

The Convenience Of Learning Online

Learn from Home
Work and Study
Access the LMS 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world
Have qualified UK teachers provide learning support 
Accredited and Certified Programmes of study

Globally Learning Opportunities

Learn online with our global classroom of learners from around the world
Experienced International School Teachers
Qualified UK Teachers
OFQUAL UK Accredited Programmes
Registered UK Education Provider


An LMS For Schools or for Individual Students

Our LMS is available to schools worldwide, on an annual subscription. We can embed the TSS  LMS into your school website.

Our courses are also open to individuals to enrol and learn with TSS too.

Our Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) and the changing face of education

Online learning via our Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) offers numerous benefits that have revolutionised education making it more accessible and flexible for learners worldwide.

With its user-friendly interface and a range of features, online learning through a VLP has transformed the traditional classroom experience allowing learners to participate in courses at their own pace and convenience. This flexibility is especially beneficial for working professionals, parents, or individuals with busy schedules, as they can fit learning into their existing commitments. Online learning also eliminates geographical barriers, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to access education. Overall, online learning through a VLP empowers learners to acquire knowledge and skills conveniently, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Our flexible, accessible, and personalised approach makes our VLP an increasingly popular choice for individuals seeking quality education and professional development opportunities

Our Courses

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Our Students Have A Few Nice Things To Say About Us

*****likes TSS and its teachers a lot. She feels very comfortable to talk with them because they always encourage her. Also it’s very convenient to have TSS’s class - from home, car on the move, hotel, etc. just get online. ******has been with TSS for about 5 years and she always achieves A/A+ in English at her school. 
Parent - Shanghai ,China
I really enjoy the classes with TSS and all the teachers who have taught me really seemed responsible and qualified.  I learned to improve my speaking and reading skills during the past 4 years with TSS for which I am really grateful. I would definitely recommend the classes to anyone who is looking for one to one classes to improve their English skills in all fields.
Student - Munich, Germany
My son has been studying at TSS for 6 years and he will definitely continue. He mentioned many times that he enjoys the courses very much. Teachers at TSS are experienced and responsible, who individualise the teaching approach to each student’s aptitude. The long-term positive student – teacher relationship makes my son feel safe and supported and he always engages in learning actively. Meanwhile, the online class provides an easy and flexible platform. As a result, my son has strong interest in English, and we never need to worry about his English performance at school. 
Parent - Espoo, Finland